Furniture Fittings

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Furniture Fittings and Accessories, Elements are absolutely perfect materials that make human life quite easy and simple. These materials are widely used in homes and workplaces and are highly preferred. Their assembly is extremely practical and done without much effort. It is as easy and simple to disassemble as it is easy to assemble. It has a wide product range with different colors and sizes. Just choose a fastener that suits your taste and location. They have a very durable structure and incidents such as breaking, bending during assembly cannot be in question. Furniture Connectors It gives a better elegant appearance on the surface it is used thanks to its different sizes and color options. If we write these fasteners; plastic joints, metal joints, plastic rack pins, metal rack pins, skirts, plastic flanges, metal flanges, adhesive plugs, metal stoppers, plastic stoppers, plastic shoes, foot flanges, bed frames and cradle joints, pipes and metal square. Usually, the places where it is used are obvious; These are places such as a table, chair, furniture, shelf, bed crib,

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